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Ms. Cunningham's work is "...magical", --M. Stephen Doherty, Editor-in-Chief of American Artist Magazine and Watercolor Magazine.

I am honored to be an active member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City, a 141 year old organization with a storied history, currently showing several paintings there. I am also showing with the Californing Art Club in the "Captured on Canvas: Painting the L.A. Arboretum" show.

Of note is the new addition of The Nest Series , illustrated with a slide show under "Images" on this website. This series reflects my concern about ecology and conservation, especially as it affects birds, many of which are facing extinction. In addition, nests are iconic images that convey messages about things we value that range in meaning standing in for family, children, homes, even work places. The 'empty nest', the crises of loss of a child or the absence of children, the loss of a husband or the fullness of a large family or family home as a symbol of the past and so on all may relate to the nest as symbol. On an even deeper level, the nest refers to being fecund vs. an empty nest bringing to mind the opposite--being barren.

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